Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Animation Intro for the interactive website Schiphol Go Multinational. Studio: Minivegas Client: Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Motion, 2015
VFX Compositing Showreel 2014
Nuke Showreel 2014 Choose HD for best quality (it might slow down the loading) More about me
MGFX Showreel 2014
After Effects Showreel Choose HD for best quality (it might slow down the loading) More about me
Videoclub Tibidabo
Directing - Editing&Post - Music Social corporate video, Video Club Tibidabo video store, Barcelona. Video, Sound, Music, 2014
Independent Music
Directing - Editing&Post Teaser. The documentary film will talk about the relation we people stablish with music. It aims to compare two cities and two different...
Abracadabra! El barri de Sant Pere-Santa Caterina
Directing - Editing&Post - Music Miniserie of documentary clips produced for Abracadabra children's bookstore, Barcelona. Video, Sound,...
Jean Pierre Sardin Luthier
Editing & Color Biel Ballester from Biel Ballester Trio plays three different Gipsy Jazz guitars. Promotional for Jean Pierre Sardin Luthier,...
Editing & Camera Assistant Betapermanente's research work about the graphic design in the digital era. Spanish language only. Tomas Diez. FabLab...
Sound Design & Music Composing Pieces composed for the Tooryanse travel documentary project. Both videos made by Hamo. Sound, Music, 2012
Imagina con nosotros
Sound Design Project for Hamo Studio. Audio, 2012
Vuvuzelas vs Zombies
Sound Design & Music Composing - On Location Sound Recording Online miniserie to promote Vuvuzelas vs Zombies videogame for iPhone, by...
    The Ferrant project aimed to achieve three goals: Full professional proficiency English language skills, working in the British Film & Broadcasting Industry...
Sound design & programming Analysis and Implementation of a Subtractive Digital Synthesizer in Pure Data. Research work done in the field of Music Technology in...
Volunteering with Rock Stars Volunteer in the Sarabbanda ("It will be a Band") project, created by Alessandra Voutsinas and Matilde Politi, hosted and supported...
3D Studio MAX 2
Modeling and animation High School final project about 3D with 3D Studio MAX 2. Video, Audio, 2000